Armor Fence has experience in nearly all types of commercial and residential fencing projects. From vinyl fences to balconies for apartment complexes to tennis courts, and pools. Armor Fence has the expertise to take on your fencing project. Here is a list of our most notable projects:

Aluminum Balconies
Arbors & Trellises
Landscape Furnishings
Gate Entry Systems
Access Control
Tennis Courts
Pool Fencing
Batting Cages
Post & Chain System
Netting Systems
Interior Wire Mesh Partitions
Dumpster & Generator Enclosures
Gated Communities
Egress/Panic Hardware Gates

Automated Gate Systems

Armor Fence has the ability to provide convenient gate operator systems for all purposes. Our operator system experts can provide the appropriate system that best fits your desired goals. Weather you are looking to add an operator system to a main entry gate, add lift gates, or provide gated system for a guard entrance, Armor Fence can provide the right system for you. Automated gate operators can work on most style gates. Entry can be with transmitters, push button, touchpad, touchpad with intercom, phone line connection or swipe card. Safety is provided by metal detection loops, photo eyes and/or metal detecting gate edges. The operator mechanism can be hydraulic or mechanical chain-drive. Please call a Armor Fence trained professional to learn more about gate operator systems.

Custom Wood

At Armor Fence, we pride ourselves in our wide array of styles and different types of wood fencing. Our team can offer many selections to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, and esthetic needs. For years, Armor Fence has been installing wood dividers, sound-wall fence, dumpster enclosures, privacy stockade, split rail, wood guardrail, and all different types of commercial and residential wood applications.

Galvanized Chain Link

Chain link fencing is a practical option from us. It offers security, but also the ability to see through the fence, while being maintenance free. In our over 25 years of experience, Amor Fence is committed to a quality chain link fence to fit your needs. Some sample applications include the following: an outdoor storage yard, a tennis court, baseball field, baseball backstop, batting cages, highway fence, bridges, prisons, schools, military bases, government institutions, and airports. Armor Fence has proven to be a trusted source to use the right material and offer you the right specifications for your needs. In addition, Armor Fence is experienced in the high security requirements utilizing barb wire, concertina wire, as well as razor ribbon.

Interior Chain Link Caging

Armor Fence offers a variety of interior chain link applications. Common examples are: Chain link fence dividers for apartment complexes, safety light wall panels in parking garages, and mechanical enclosures. Since the chain link caging is mass produced, it is inexpensive and any complex repairs down the road and can be easily are easily fixed. Armor Fence utilizes our own specialist customize posts, gates, and a variety of chain link caging. In addition, our gates can be fabricated with many different locking devices to provide enhanced security.

Ornamental Aluminum

Armor Fence is proud to be one of the top dealers in the country for aluminum fencing. An aluminum fence offers a less expensive option to steel ornamental, however with the same ornate and high quality look. The warranties and powder coated finishes provide the same maintenance free comfort, while still offering distinct looking fence. A trained Armor Fence specialist can work with you and inform you of the advantages of having aluminum fencing.

Ornamental Steel

Armor Fence using current generation classic wrought iron fence. Our steel products are coated with an electrostatically applied powder coating to create a durable and long lasting finish that will outperform a painted product. Steel ornamental comes in a wide array of styles. Armor Fence can also provide custom welded panels if you have a unique design in mind. We can offer ornamental steel in between brick or stone columns, around a pool, in a retaining wall, or simply to provide security.

PVC Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is becoming very common because of its clean appearance, long product life and minimal maintenance. Armor Fence has a large portfolio of vinyl fences to choose from. Privacy fences mimic the look of wood without the warping, expansion or contraction, and without failing to put up with the elements of weather. Not only does the vinyl fencing add aesthetically to the home, but it also adds value. UV protectors are added to the exterior of the vinyl to help maintain an attractive appearance for many years.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

This product is becoming very popular because it offers the security of chain-link fence together with the attractiveness of a vinyl coated finish. Vinyl-coated fencing comes with a polyvinyl coating or a polyester coating with polyester forming a baked-on finish that is scratch resistant and extremely durable against weathering. A trained Armor Fence specialist can work with you on finding the best vinyl material for your chain linked fence.

Armor Fence

We understand every property is different and provide personalized recommendations based on the objectives of each property owner. Every fencing project is important to us, and we want to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

Licensed, bonded and insured, our Manassas based company is known for our high quality work and excellent customer service. Whether you want to keep the family pet in or keep intruders out, the team of experts at Armor Fence will take care of all your fencing needs. Contact us today for your consultation and quote appointment.

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