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Maintaining Your Fence Through the Snowy Winter Months

A backyard needs tender loving care all year long. Every part of the yard should be kept in good shape. As winter approaches, special care needs to be taken with the fence. Fences keep unwanted pests out and add an element of beauty to any yard. When the seasons begin to change, it’s time to look closely at all areas of the fence. Doing so will help keep the fence in the best possible shape even when ice coats the yard and the winter winds blow.


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The Best Fence for Your Pets and Family

Your children and pets enjoy running and playing in your yard. But you’d feel a lot better if your yard were safe from other animals, nosy neighbors, and other unwanted intrusions. If so, you’re probably thinking about adding a fence.

A fence can add beauty, privacy, and security to your home. You might be wondering which is the best type of fence for your family. Read on to learn about different fence types and the pros and cons of each. Continue reading “The Best Fence for Your Pets and Family”

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Tips for Enjoying Your Patio This Fall and Winter

You may think of your backyard or your patio as a place to enjoy the warm summer weather. You know that its a great place for you to entertain, but you may not be aware that you can continue using this area during the fall and winter. We can show you how you can spiff up your existing patio or create a new patio that will be perfect whether you love to entertain or merely want to enjoy the wintery outdoors with your morning cup of coffee each day. Continue reading “Tips for Enjoying Your Patio This Fall and Winter”